Passenger Foot Peg Eliminator Covers For Yamaha R6


User Manual


Please read the manual first fully before starting the install process as there are some specific pressure points on the parts that need to be pressed on the 2006-2007 version.



FOR R6 YEARS 2006-2007 Instructions

  • Note that there is a unique Left/Right side cover, not interchangeable, make sure you have the correct side for each side

  • No Glue required as these parts are made to “snap” into place

  • For this model – Install your covers from the inside of the fairing

  • Estimate ~ 15 minutes  –  Difficulty Level: Easy


  • Simply unscrew the two screws holding your seat cushion in place to expose the foot peg screws

  • Unscrew the footpegs and remove both LEFT and RIGHT sides

  • Now, from the inside of the fairing under the seat, position each side correctly



First locate the correct side and make sure the shape matches.


Start by pressing the bottom base first.

Do this while you are holding the fairing surroundings from the outside with your other hand.


In next step, press top left corner to pop it into place




  • Designed to be used with OEM R6 Fairings only

  • If you have painted or aftermarket fairings, you might need to fiddle around with the parts to see how you can custom fit them to best suite your needs


COMMON ISSUES: Covers don’t fit?

  • Check to see if you are using the correct side Left/Right side.

  • Check to see if there are any cracks in your fairing.

  • Make sure you have purchased the correct year covers for your bike.

  • These covers have been tested on thousands of R6’es.

  • We take your feedback seriously

  • If any issue please contact us first



  • If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team and we will do our best to help with any requests.