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Full Front-Mount Air Intake for BMW F90 M5 M8 or G30 2020+ M550I

If you are interested in improving your BMW F90 M5’s performance, a well-engineered and reputable cold air intake system from a trusted aftermarket manufacturer like vortex-performance can provide several benefits.

Front-mount air intakes, also known as cold air intakes, are aftermarket modifications that can replace the stock air intake system. The primary purpose of a front-mount air intake is to improve the airflow to the engine, allowing cooler, denser air to enter, which can lead to potential performance gains.

Here are some reasons why upgrading to a full front-mount air intake might be advantageous:

  1. Increased Airflow: A front-mount air intake typically allows for a larger and more direct flow of air into the engine, compared to the stock intake system. This increased airflow can lead to improved engine performance and better throttle response.
  2. Increased Performance: A well-designed front mount air intake kit can provide a higher volume of cooler air to the engine, improving combustion efficiency and potentially increasing horsepower and torque. This improvement in performance can be particularly noticeable during spirited driving or track use.
  1. Engine Sound: Upgrading to a front mount air intake kit can enhance the engine’s intake sound, giving the car a more aggressive and sporty tone. This can be especially appealing to enthusiasts who enjoy a more pronounced engine note.
  2. Visual Enhancement: Many front mount air intake kits feature eye-catching components such as polished or carbon fiber tubing, which can add a custom and high-performance look to the engine bay. This visual enhancement can be appreciated by those who enjoy customizing their vehicles.
  3. Heat Dissipation: Front mount air intake kits often relocate the air filter away from the engine’s heat sources, allowing it to draw in cooler air. Cooler air is denser and can lead to more efficient combustion, resulting in potential performance gains.
  4. Compatibility with Other Upgrades: If you have already made other modifications to your BMW F90 M5, such as engine tuning, exhaust upgrades, or intercooler improvements, a front mount air intake kit can complement these modifications and contribute to an overall optimized setup.
  5. Personalization and Individuality: Upgrading to a full front mount air intake kit can be a way to personalize your vehicle and make it stand out from stock models or other BMWs on the road. It allows you to express your individual taste and preferences in automotive performance and aesthetics.


Front Mount Cold Air Intake For BMW F90 M5, M8, or G30 2020+ M550I

We offer the largest air intake kit solution in the market for this application for massive power delivery.
Kit includes air filter adapters. Complete intake setup for front mount air intake, tuned for maximum flow.
The vortex-performance setup for your F90 M5 provides deeper power gains coupled with super aggressive sound.
Kit includes all components needed for install.

Compatible with 3.5 inch inlet diameter cone air filters, please check the listing to see if this kit includes air filters. We carry a large selection of high performance air filters for this application.



Elevate your F90 M5, M8, G30 2020+ M550I to new heights of power and excitement. The ultimate upgrade for your F90 M5, M8, or G30 2020+ M550I with our high-performance Front Mount Air Intake Systems. Experience a significant increase in horsepower and torque as our front mount intakes unleash the full potential of your F90 M5, M8, or G30 2020+ M550I. Not to mention the intoxicating sound.

The continuous one-piece oversized air channel design delivers massive amounts of forced cold air directly into the engine, from the front grill openings. As speed increases, the amount of cold air delivery from the front suctions exponentially increases. Our intake kit is manufactured with our proprietary technology that encompasses high-temperature, thick multi-layered reinforced silicone with the highest quality fit and finish. The front-mount design allows cold air to be collected directly from behind the front grills.

Feel the power surge as you accelerate and enjoy the captivating sound of the turbos flowing freely. Featuring high-quality inverted cone filters our air intake kits for the F90 BMW M5 and F91 F92 F93 M8 offer the highest possible air flow in an attractive and easy to install and remove package.


  • Our intake system features a thick high-temperature 5-ply fully reinforced silicone construction that eliminates the risk of suction shutdowns, ensuring uninterrupted airflow
  • Engineered with precision, these intakes are designed to deliver exceptional results
  • The full 3.5 Inch design of our front mount intakes sets them apart from other aftermarket options
  • By maximizing the airflow capacity, these intakes provide superior performance gains.
  • The optimized airflow not only enhances engine efficiency but also boosts turbo flow, resulting in an exhilarating driving experience.

Not only are these front mount intakes compatible with the F90 M5 and M8 models, but they also fit flawlessly on the 2020+ G30 M550I. Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and amplify your driving pleasure with our Front Mount Intakes. The intakes are one of the first major restrictions where our system adds power and sound over the factory airbox.

  • Our system utilizes larger diameter piping to provide more airflow to the motor
  • Compatible with any 3.5 inch inlet diameter cone air filter
  • The factory airbox is located in the engine bay where the ambient air temperature is heated from the motor
  • We place the intake filters in the front of the vehicle to pull in cold air from the front of the car
  • This is further enhanced with a ram air effect as you increase speeds to directly increase the air velocity to the intakes

You can expect an increase in power, throttle response, and sound with our Intake kit.

This product is a direct bolt on and no cutting is required on the vehicle.
Includes all required hardware.

Vehicle Fitment

BMW 5 Series Including M5
• 2018+ BMW F90 M5 and F90 M5 Competition
• 2020+ BMW G30 G31 M550

BMW 8 Series Including M8
• 2020+ BMW F92 M8 Coupe and M8 Coupe Competition
• 2020+ BMW F93 M8 Gran Coupe
• 2020+ BMW F91 M8 Convertible
• 2019+ BMW G14 G15 G16 M850

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