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BMW E46 M3 – Performance MAF Pipe Installation Guide

Application: 2001-2006 BMW E46 M3 – All models 6spd & SMG – S54

INSTALL NOTES: Professional Installation Recommended. If you have not purchased the Heat-Shield, make sure to secure/strap down the entire setup to ensure that the air intake is not freely in the air on its own. A Heat-shield can safely secure your entire air intake setup to prevent it from moving around under pressure. After Install, go for a gentle test drive and double-check and tighten the clamps as needed. Vortex MAF Pipe works with any 4 inch cone air filter.

Install Guide

Install Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty Level: Easy

Required Tools:

  1. 10mm Hex Socket
  2. Flat Screwdriver
  3. An E46 M3

– 2 x New MAF Sensor Screws

– New 4” metal clamp (Optional/Extra)

– Remove the OEM airbox and leave the OEM intake elbow, as shown in the picture to the right



– Next, take note of the orientation of the pipe below to make sure you are positioning it correctly. 

  • The MAF Sensor hole should be oriented to 2:00 o’Clock in order for the MAF pipe and the filter to sit correctly throughout the setup (from the OEM Elbow →  to the cone air filter)
  • The “Vortex” label on the pipe should be facing you as shown on the right.
  • (Optional Step) Replace the old metal clamp with the newly provided one


– Connect the cone air filter with its provided metal clamp to the MAF pipe.

  • Plug back in the MAF Sensor using the newly provided 2 x MAF Sensor Screws and tighten down. Do not overtighten.

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