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Install guide for BMW M5 F10 Full Front-mount air intake system

This install guide walks you through the major steps in installing your new vortex-performance air intake kit for the BMW F10 M5.

Start by disconnecting the negative terminal on the battery

Be sure not to close the trunk lid while the battery is disconnected.

Next, remove the screws around the original airbox

Now, we need to remove the 2 front kidney grills. You can do that by gently pulling on the kidney grills.

Next we need to remove the air duct brackets on each side.

To do this, first, remove the T20 screw holding the air duct in place

Then you can pull out the back of the air duct from behind the assembly

Next, we can remove the air duct trim from the front

Next, we need to disconnect the 2 MAF sensors from the original intake tubes and remove any other mounting accessories holding the original intake tubes

Now you are ready to remove the original intake assembly

Take out the air filter container assembly

Do the same thing for the other side

Next, we need to remove the sensors from the original tube

Install the sensor onto the new intake silicone tube


Now you can put in the new silicone intake and connect back the sensor wires

Fully pull the bottom of the silicone tube through the air duct.

It helps to apply some WD-40 onto the bottom of the silicone tube to make it easier to slide it through the air duct hole as it will be a tight fit

Lastly, you can put on the clamp, put in the aluminum insert and attach the air filter.

The aluminum insert can be used in this last step to act as a spacer coupler, for you to be able to connect the air filter in this last stage of install.

Push in the aluminum insert into the silicone tube and attach the clamp.

Now you can complete this install by attaching the air filter onto the aluminum insert and tighten the air filter clamp.

Note that some air filters come with adjustable rubber rings on the inlet and you may need to remove the inner-most rubber ring to adjust the air filter to fit the aluminum spacer.

At the end, re-install the grills, and plug the battery terminal back.






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