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BMW F90 M5 front-mount air intake install guide

Full Front-Mount Air Intake for BMW F90 M5 M8 or G30 2020+ M550I

NOTE: Although DIY is possible, PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION IS RECOMMENDED. NO further instruction is provided, except the manufacturer’s original ones if there is any. Please check the PHOTOS and read the DESCRIPTION prior to installation.


If you want your F90 M5 to feel and sound epic, then look no further because in today’s step by step DIY article, we’re going to be installing the vortex-performance BMW F90 M5 front mount air takes on my our 2022 BMW M5 competition. Let’s go ahead and get this installation started.

Next, use a small little flathead screwdriver just pop these little clips up just a little bit.

Once you remove all these clips, you can just crop it up and take off the weatherstripping at the bottom, of it and the panel just pops right off.

Here is a picture with the right panel removed out of the way.

Next, we need to remove the DME cover to get back to this stroke brace bolt. The DME cover just pops right off, by pulling up on it.

Once the DME cover is removed, now we have more room to access the rear bolt holding the strut brace in place (note if you do not have a struct brace panel, you can skip this part).

The goal is to remove the 2 bolts holding the strut brace in place

Next, we need to remove the intake rubber elbow piece. Start by loosening up the 2 clamps shown below.

Now, gently pull up on the intake elbow and remove this piece as shown below.

Now, we need to remove the air box assembly with the strut brace panel.

Grab from the undersides on each side, and double check to make sure no wires or hoses are stuck underneath it. Slowly pull up the airbox assembly along with its strut brace panel.

Next, we need to remove the front kidney grilles.

Please note that the front kidney grilles on the LCI is a 1-piece assembly and may require slightly different steps for removal.

Notice the 3 holes immediately to the top-side of each grille

Use a flat-head screw driver to push the notch in the hole as you pull the grille out towards you one by one. You will feel the plastic clips popping off.

When the grille feels loose, go ahead and gently pull them out towards you

Notice the wire going to the grilles, pop the wire clip off by squeezing down o the clip and remove the wire from the kidney grille assembly and set the kidney grille assembly aside

Here is the wire clip removed from the kidney grille assembly

Next, look deeper inside this area by the hood latch

You will notice a little plastic notch that needs to be

Use a flat-head screw driver right next to the little plastic tab and pry back the area immediately next to it, and you will feel it pop off

This action, releases the plastic vent inside the grille area and you can safely remove this piece from its position

Here is the view with the duct piece removed:

In the next step, from the top, behind the headlights, pull out the plastic duct piece

Next, we are ready to feed through the intake pipes

In order to help feed the intake tubes through the channel, we always recommend spraying WD-40 onto the lower part of the intake tube all around it (any lubricant/grease) to help the tube slide through the channel

Now you are ready to feed through the intake tube

Reach in and pull the tube from inside the opening, adjust and twist the tube as much as needed, in order to help guide it through, it will seem tight, but with a little patience and continuous adjustment, you will see it successfully feed through just fine

Here is the view after the tube has been successfully fed through the channel

Next, you can use the provided air filter adapter cylinders to attach the air filter to the intake tube

Now, from the top,  you can now put the strut brace back on (if applicable) and put the intake clamp on and tighten it down.

Here is the view after putting the new intake into place

Also, remember to put back the DME plastic cover.


Next, plug back in the wire that goes to the kidney grille assembly


Finally, you can re-install the front kidney grille assembly



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