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BMW F80/F82 M3 M4 S55 Air Intake Install

BMW F80/F82 M3 M4 S55 Air Intake Install


Performance Air intake kits for BMW F80 M3 & F82 M4


Product Information

We are proud to announce our new air intake system for the S55 equipped BMW M3/M4/M2 Competition. This is the premier intake for your F80 M3/M4/M2 Competition.

Experience a significant increase in horsepower and torque as our front mount intakes unleash the full potential of M. Not to mention the intoxicating sound. More power and throttle response are at your fingertips with a vortex-performance air intake kit for your BMW F80 M3/M4/M2 Competition.

When it comes to improving the performance of the F80 M3 and F82/F83 M4, many owners found that the intake was restricting most of its power. While the intake itself seems to be big enough, it is not permitting enough air to enter the engine which results in a loss of power. The factory intake also picks up a decent amount of engine bay heat causing heat soak over time further reducing power output. The Vortex-Performance High Flow Air Intake upgrade for your M3/M4 replaces your restrictive OEM intake with a high flow design. This kit was designed to retain the OEM cold air ducting and eliminates the upper portion of the air intake which has been proven to be incredibly restrictive, especially in the upper RPM range.

Included Parts

  • Complete air intake kit for your BMW
  • High-Temp silicone air intake tubes for BMW S55 engine
  • Set of high airflow performance air filters
  • All hardware accessories needed for install


  • Compatible with all BMW F80 M3/M4/M2 Competition, all S55 engines
  • Self install or DIY project, simple to install, plug & play
  • Aggressive sound, feel the quicker throttle response
  • Our high flow inverted cleanable filters offer increased flow along with a more aggressive intake sound
  • This upgrade also offers improved turbo spool as well as an increase in transient response
  • Increased tube diameter for maximum airflow
  • We include everything necessary to replace your OEM intake including couplers, clamps and filters. This kit is completely reversible and does not require any permanent modification

To carry the most air possible to the S55 engine in the M3 and M4, the tubing diameter isn’t always the solution. While increasing the diameter of the tubing does assist in producing more power, many times the filter can also allow more power. The  vortex-performance air intake increases the tubing diameter while better improving the filter technology that is provided with the intake system.


  • Premium high temperature multi-PLY reinforced silicone technology
  • Large tubing one-piece design for maximum flow
  • Designed for a quick and easy install
  • Increased spool, transient response and induction sound
  • High flow multi-ply cotton DRY cleanable air filters
  • CNC flanges made from high quality billet aluminum
  • Includes everything necessary to upgrade from factory intake

Fits These Cars

  • 2014 – 2018 F80/F82 BMW M3 & M4
  • 2017 – 2018 F80/F82 BMW M4 GTS
  • 2018+ F82 BMW M2 Competition (S55 Only)








S55 3.0L




S55 3.0L




S55 3.0L



M2 Competition

S55 3.0L

Install Guide

First we need to start with removing the rain trays on the top left and top right corner of the engine bay so that we can gain access to the strut brace bolts


To remove the trays, loosen the four 10mm plastic nuts, rotate them 90º counterclockwise.


Now you can lift up the rain tray

Repeat the same steps for the other side rain tray and lift it up to remove it


Now the 3 bolts on each side holding the carbon brace down should be accessible. We will need to remove the bolts in order to remove the carbon strut.

Now you can remove the 3 bolts holding the carbon brace from each side on the left and the right


Remove the 3 remaining bolts holding the carbon strut down: (2 bolts towards the front and 1 bolt on the upper right side as shown below:


Now you can remove the carbon strut

This is what the engine bay should look like at this point:


Gently pull up the hose at the front and free it from the clips holding it down


Next we need to unplug this MAF sensor by removing the 2 screws holding the maf sensor down. Then unplug the MAF sensor. Put the MAF sensor on a clean piece of cloth.


Next, pop the clip at the center holding down the original intake tube

Now, move the lower clip to the right to pop it out, as shown below


Next, remove the clamp for the intake tube



Next, squeeze and remove the fitting on the intake tube



Next, remove the entire air intake assembly tube



Next, remove the MAF sensor for the short intake tube on the left side of the engine bay


Now, remove the clamp for the intake tube


Now you can lift up and remove the original air box


This is what it should look like at this stage:


Next, we need to remove the rear intake boot hose. Start by loosening the clamp at the base of this tube.



This is the short side – rear view at the base. Your new short-side air intake tube will plug into this tube and can be secured using the provided 3 inch clamp.


The below picture shows the short side intake tube connected.

Next, connect back the MAF sensor (using the provided screws) and plug on the cone air filter. Secure the air filter with the clamp.

The short side intake install is now complete

Next, let’s plug in the long intake tube and tighten down the base clamp. 


Now reconnect back the MAF sensor (using the provided screws) and plug back in the fitting hose. Lastly, plug in the long side air filter and secure it in place with its clamp.


Next, to complete the installation, re-install back the carbon strut, and put back the rain trays



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