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Performance air intake kit install for BMW E46 330 325 323 320

1999-2005 BMW E46 air intake install


Summary Guide

  • Keeps the same OEM MAF and upper intake boot
  • Remove the OEM airbox assembly and the rubber bar underneath the airbox attached to the car railing
  •  Attach the silicone sleeve + aluminum insert assembly onto MAF . The correct orientation of intake assembly is OEM MAF Tube > silicone sleeve > aluminum insert > air filter.
  • Drop in the new heat shield and feed the opening through the intake assembly. The heat shield has 2 mounting points, 1 at the bottom base bracket and on the upper right mount point. These 2 mount points use your car’s existing mount points. This kit includes the bottom nut, and the right mount; bolt and washer to mount this item.
  • Attach the air filter


Installation Instructions


First, begin with removing the OEM Airbox and the bottom rubber mount bracket holding the original airbox.


Step by step:

1. Remove the three pop-clips that secure the air scoop to the vehicle and then remove the air scoop. (3x pop-clips)

2. Release the five clips that secure the airbox cover. Lift the airbox lid and remove the air filter. (5x clips)

3. Release the two clips that secure the MAF housing to the airbox. Then work the airbox lid off the MAF housing and remove it from the vehicle. (2x clips)

4. Remove the two bolts that secure the base of the airbox to the vehicle. Then remove the base of the airbox by lifting it up and tilting it to clear the radiator support. (2x 10mm bolts)

As shown in the below picture, make sure to keep the MAF in the same original place as shown below – there is no need to remove this part for this install.

5. Remove the rubber airbox bushing from the frame rail by pulling it up, off the studs. This is a rubber piece at the bottom, shown in the picture below. Remove this rubber piece by pulling on it.

Underneath this rubber piece is a stud protruding up from the railing. You will use this stud for the bottom mounting point of the heat shield in later steps.


Install the new heat shield

6. Next, you are ready to install the new heat shield. The lower mounting hole on the heat shield install over the studs on the frame rail at the bottom. The the upper right mount hole installs over the existing mounting hole on the upper right. Please see below picture. The MAF should align with the circle opening in the heat shield.

Make sure the heat shield’s bottom bracket and the mount on the right are properly aligned as shown below.

Use the provided bolt and metal washer to tighten down the heat shield’s right mount as shown below.

Use the provided nut to tighten down the heat shield’s bottom bracket as shown below using the stud located on the railing.




 Now the new heat shield is installed.



Intake tube and air filter assembly


7. Next, slip on the silicone sleeve over the MAF tube and attach the provided worm clamp. (Through the heat shield circle opening)


8. Plug in the aluminum insert tube into the silicone and attach the provided worm clamp. (This is through the heat shield circle opening)




9. Lastly, plug in the air filter into the aluminum insert. The silicone sleeve and the aluminum tube assembly go through the opening in the heat shield and then the air filter gets attached in the last step.



10. Reattach the front air snorkel and put back the 3 plastic fasteners




The final view of the install should be similar to below picture with the OEM snorkel back into original place. Now go for a careful/low-speed test-drive and then re-check the entire assembly to make sure all clamps are tight and correctly installed.


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