Passenger Peg Plugs for YAMAHA R6 08-16 White

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For: 2008 to 2016 Yamaha R6, Color: Pearl White


Passenger Peg Plugs for YAMAHA R6


“Super Aggressive Look” for your R6 by removing rear passenger pegs and installing this removable delete kit. Perfect fit that contours the body, simple install

YAMAHA R6 – Passenger Peg Plug Holes Cover Rear Foot Peg Block Off Plates


  • Delete Passenger Foot Peg holes with this block-off covers kit
  • Many R6 owners choose to remove their rear-passenger foot-pegs
  • Removing passenger foot pegs will give your R6 a much more aggressive/sporty look
  • When you remove the passenger-pegs, the opening-area where the pegs used to be is left open
  • Cover up the peg holes with these high-quality custom covers


  • 2-Pieces, Left side and Right Side Covers, complete kit
  • These are modelled with a high degree of accuracy to provide you with superb fitment! Only product of its kind
  • High precision R6 covers
  • Designed to “pop” into place, no glue or adhesives needed
  • This way, you can still pop them out for the days you have a passenger and need your foot-pegs on


  • We use high quality professional automotive oil-based paint with a glossy strong finish
  • Available in gloss Black, pearl White, and Carbon Fiber pattern surface


  • Made from proprietary thermoplastics material


  • Thermoplastics material provides high strength, heat-Resistant, UV-Resistant, Chemical Resistant, precision for a durable, high quality finish


  • Comes with two R6 covers, LEFT and RIGHT (2 pieces)


  • Fit for 2006 to 2016 Yamaha R6
  • Make sure to select the correct year of your R6 when purchasing


  • Snap-in Technology – it firmly pops into place on the LEFT & RIGHT side
  • No Glue or Adhesives needed
  • Firmly stays in its position, even for track days
  • Removable

FLEX DESIGN (2008-2016 models)

  • The covers are designed to flex – in order to HUG the opening area


  • Made in USA


  • If you have any questions about the product, your order, require warranty, replacement or exchange, please contact our support team


  • FAST Shipping within USA and Canada
  • Shipping to Europe, UK, We ship Worldwide!
  • USA Shipment Services Available:
  • We ship via USPS from NY for US Customers, Tracking Number will be provided, FAST Shipping within USA!
  • Worldwide Shipment Services Available
  • We ship Worldwide via Asendia Expedited Shipping, Tracking Number will be provided, FAST Shipping Worldwide!

Additional information

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions6 × 9 × 0.5 cm

34 reviews for Passenger Peg Plugs for YAMAHA R6 08-16 White

  1. SidannGG (verified owner)

    wow, makes my R6 look so much better. I bought the other CNC hunk of metal version before,but it was dark color so it didn’t look nice but this one is so much nicer seamless. After putting it on i had to push it to the left a bit to cover the hole areas but i was able to adjust it to put it in the best position to cover all the areas of the hole

    1 product
  2. ValerieCali (verified owner)

    i didnt read the instrictions and snapped the first one i got it broke in half cause i bend it too much by accident but big shot out to Ed for helping me out, im up and running now!! They look great

    1 product
  3. Charles (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

    1 product
  4. Kai (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

    1 product
  5. Helicop619 (verified owner)

    she a beauty!

    1 product
  6. Kaden Arabic (verified owner)

    Good service.

    1 product
  7. Kai (verified owner)

    Arrived pretty fast!! Thanks

    1 product
  8. JerryM (verified owner)

    I received the Carbon Fiber one. Looks great, thank you! Finally those holes are covered up.

    1 product
  9. SamL (verified owner)


    1 product
  10. Faiz23 (verified owner)


    1 product
  11. MannyTurbo (verified owner)


    1 product
  12. BobbyR6 (verified owner)

    OK -got to me in London,UK in 1 week

    1 product
  13. Charles (verified owner)

    Good quality.

    1 product
  14. Aadarsh (verified owner)

    The product is nicely packed.

    1 product
  15. Kevin (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

    1 product
  16. JohnHoller21 (verified owner)

    Thanks i got the BLACK for my 2014 R6 Raven, i might try the Carbon one too

    1 product
  17. HugoSoCali (verified owner)

    the holes were bothering me so much, …finally

    1 product
  18. Manny1984 (verified owner)

    The Transparent Red looks sick, TY!

    1 product
  19. HarryUSMC67 (verified owner)

    Perfect fitment on my R6, thank you.

    1 product
  20. Bryan7Liang (verified owner)


    1 product
  21. blueNavy71 (verified owner)

    it helps to use a blow dryer or a heat gun to warm up the reflectors just a tad bit before popping em in

    1 product
  22. LouisTangRR (verified owner)

    works as described

    1 product
  23. Lucas.Dorio (verified owner)

    Carbon Fiber Fitted very nicely on my 2012 Black R6, Looks Excellent!

    1 product
  24. TexasDougie2993 (verified owner)

    arrived with USPS breaking one of the reflectors, the package was mishandled by USPS. I told Vortex support agent DAVE and he shipped me a new one in 2 days. Thank You, I appreciate it very much

    1 product
  25. 78LarryXM (verified owner)


    1 product
  26. Rubio777 (verified owner)

    Thanks for making the upper/lower teeth much stronger and wider now, it’s super sturdy in Version 2 !

    1 product
  27. Charleston3ik (verified owner)

    One was broken when arrived, but i blame USPS, they crushed the box – submitted support ticket to see if i can get replacement set shipped to me. Thanks

    1 product
  28. C2Leonavy (verified owner)

    Carbon Fiber one looks very good on my bike

    1 product
  29. PatrickGSR (verified owner)

    Support helped me fast, i was installing the left on the right side unknowngly. Thanks

    1 product
  30. ReddOne6 (verified owner)

    Thank You!

    1 product
  31. MarkElles (verified owner)

    Easy to Install

    1 product
  32. Rob991 (verified owner)

    took me a few mins to install them

    1 product
  33. TheShodan (verified owner)

    Im just happy the holes are filled, it was bugging me for years

    1 product
  34. ScarH22A (verified owner)

    Fast shipping

    1 product
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