3″ inch diameter bend tube


Performance Bend Tube 3″ diameter for custom projects


Aluminum Tube 3 inch diameter – Bend pipe

High quality aluminum bend tube for any custom application. Often used in Automotive, air intake, intercooler, turbo, aviation, marine, home or industrial.

Premium surface finish with black gloss anodization.

  • Diameter of tube: 3″ inch
  • Anodized shiny glossy black
  • High quality aluminum tube for custom work air intake, intercooler or turbo work
  • Bend shape design on the end of the tube
  • This part can be used to in your projects where tubing is needed for air intake, intercooler, turbo work


  • Each leg is approx. 5 inch in length
  • material: aluminum
  • surface: anodized glossy black, premium finish

Manufactured by vortex-performance


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