BMW F10 550i, 650i, 750i Cold Air Intake N63TU


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  • N63 Intake for the F10 550i replaces the stock air boxes with a dual cone design improving airflow and increasing power on your N63 equipped BMW.
  • The vortex-performance N63 Intake for the 550i is the perfect upgrade if you’re looking for improved throttle response and turbo sound.
  • Installation is easy and straightforward, with no cutting or drilling required.
  • The vortex-performance N63 Intake is engineered to fit perfectly onto your 550i, seamlessly integrating with the existing OEM turbo inlets.


BMWF01750iN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF01750i xDriveN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF01Alpina B7N63/TU 4.4L
BMWF02750LiN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF02750Li xDriveN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF06650iN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF06650i xDriveN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF06Alpina B6 xDriveN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF07550iN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF07550i xDriveN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF10550iN63/TU 4.4L
BMWF10550i xDriveN63/TU 4.4L

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