air intake kit for BMW E46 330 – Red


Performance Air intake kit for BMW E46 330 – all models


Fits BMW E46 330 – 2001 to 2006

Largest air intake kit on the market with 4″ air filter for maximum air flow.


Parts included

  • Performance Air filter
  • Air Intake RAM elbow with massive 4″ inlet – largest in the market for e46
  • All hardware accessories


This air intake kit specifically designed for the BMW E46 330 dramatically improves air flow by upto 12%, compared to the restrictive OEM air box/filter and factory air inlet duct.

Your engine effectively functions as a giant air compressor. Feeding more air to your engine is a great way to improve power, especially if it’s cooler, denser air.

Easy to install kit includes a washable, reusable air filter element and low restriction duct.


  • Super aggressive sound/engine tone
  • +15 HP @ 6500 RPM / +9 lb/ft @ 6500 RPM
  • Improved throttle response
  • High-flow filter increases air volume
  • Anodized heat shield material reduces underhood heat
  • This intake system modifies the airbox to accept a larger, high-flow air filter, while a smoothed out air duct will help this cooler, denser air find its way to your intake manifold
  • Complete air intake kit,  all accessories included
  • Self install easy DIY

Parts included

  • Performance Air filter
  • Coupler insert elbow
  • All hardware accessories

Vortex-Performance air filters are completely serviceable and can provide a lifetime of service if appropriately cleaned and maintained. VP also designed an internal CNC-machined connector that will allow the silicone intake hose to mate properly with their air filter.

Vortex-Performance Air intake parts for BMW E46 330 – all models

When you install a VP part on your car, know that it’s not only carefully developed and tested, but that VP stands behind it with a 1 year warranty.


  • Fits BMW E46 330 3-Series – all models 2001 to 2006


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