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BMW E90 E92 M3 – Performance Air Intake Mid-Pipe

INSTALL NOTES: Professional Installation Recommended. After Install, go for a gentle test drive and double-check and tighten the clamps as needed. Vortex air intake mid-pipe works with any 4 inch cone air filter. Check your state/regional laws to see if air intake modifications are allowed, aftermarket parts are designed for off-road/track use only.

Install Time: 15 minutes  Difficulty Level: Intermediate
​​Pipe Fits directly into your OEM Air Intake Elbow pipe | Features 4" extra large high-flow performance mid-pipe | Compatible with 4" inlet Cone Air Filters

1. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the two intake muffler mounting bolts as seen on the right

2. Use a 6mm socket wrench to loosen the hose clamp attaching the intake muffler to the rubber boot

3. Using a T20 torx bit or T-handle, remove the eight torx screws securing the lid on the intake muffler. Remove the lid from the vehicle

4. To remove the air filter, grab it on the rubber boot side and pull straight back. The filter is on a spring mechanism that compresses when you pull back allowing you to remove the filter (see image below)
BMW E90 M3 tune up - pull air filter away from rubber bootBMW E90 M3 tune up - pulling the air filter will compress the spring behind it

5. Remove the air filter and the rubber boot adapter from the vehicle

Remove the air filter from the vehicle

6. Now, you can unplug and remove the original adaptor as seen below
BMW E90 M3 tune up - remove the boot adapter

7. Next, you can plug in the new vortex air intake mid-pipe to the OEM elbow. Use the original metal clamp to tighten the new mid-pipe. Lastly, attach a 4” cone air filter to the round-end of the mid-pipe. Tighten down the clamps.

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