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YAMAHA R6 – Passenger Foot Peg Eliminator Covers – User Manual (2008-2016)

YAMAHA R6 – Passenger foot peg DELETE covers

User Manual

Yamaha R6 2008-2016 Instructions:

  • Note that there is a unique Left/Right side cover, not interchangeable, make sure you have the correct side for each side
  • No Glue required as these parts are made to “snap” into place
  • Install your covers from the outside of the fairing
  • Estimate ~ 15 minutesย  –ย  Difficulty Level: Easy


  • Simply unscrew the two screws holding your seat cushion in place to expose the foot peg screws
  • Unscrew the footpegs and remove both LEFT and RIGHT sides
  • Now, simply “pop” into place the foot peg covers gently while you hold the panel surroundings with your other hand:
  • ** Position in the top railing first as you SQUEEZE the bottom rail in,
    to snap into the bottom opening. The Covers can โ€œFlexโ€ to fit
    as shown below:
  • Once installed – you can slide the cover back and forth by a
    few millimeters to adjust its position if needed (see bottom left image)
  • Once in position, gently push the edges of the cover in as the teeth in the
    back of the cover locks itself into position for a tighter hug.ย

– Designed to be used with ORIGINAL OEM YZF-R6 Fairings only.

– Covers wonโ€™t stay in place? Check to see if there is a โ€œgapโ€ in your fender liners, or if you have a screw missing in the fender lines. See if there is a play in where the two fairing pieces meet. If needed, take the fairing screws out, push the fairings closer to close any gaps and re-install the fairing screws and then try to install the covers again, starting with aligning the top/upper rail first (see picture on the right) then flex the cover to bend the bottom and pop in the lower rail. These covers have been tested on 100s of R6โ€™es. We take your feedback seriously.

If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact us

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